Counselor's Corner

Counselor Corner

Kelso's choice wheelAISD school counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all. School counselors help all students apply academic achievement strategies, manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills.

In addition, counselors provide guidance on social topics and teach biweekly lessons on topics such as conflict resolution, career choices, and social/emotional learning.  Our counselor also meets with individual students as the needs arise.



Mrs. White's classroomMrs. White is in her eighth year as a counselor at Barton Hills Elementary School.  She loves being a Barton Hills Eagle and feels fortunate to be able to work with all of the students as they learn, grow, and develop into responsible human beings.  

Mrs. White is a licensed professional counselor.  She graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a Master of Education (concentration in Elementary Education), a Master of Art in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science (concentration in psychology and chemistry).  

Mrs. White believes that elementary school is a critical time when students begin to develop their academic and emotional self-concepts.  It is also at this time when they begin to develop attitudes toward their peers, self, school, parents, and social groups.  Because of her background in the mental health and educational fields, she believes that she has a unique opportunity to influence students’ lives.  As a school counselor, she is able to provide education, prevention, and intervention services to help children succeed academically, personally, and socially.  Mrs. White believes that children are social beings that have a need to belong and find their place in society. Their success in life depends on their ability to successfully develop relationships with others.  She strongly believes that social/emotional education is the key to their success in life academically and socially.  As a school counselor, Mrs. White follows the American School Counseling Association National Model and implements a comprehensive guidance program that focuses on meeting the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all the students at her school.  She works in cooperation with administration, teachers, parents, and other counselors to ensure each child reaches his or her fullest potential.


Mrs. White

Stephanie White, M.A., MEd., CSC, LPC
Counselor, GT, ESL, National Board Certified| 512-414-2013

Mrs. White TravelingMrs. White was born in Austin, Texas, and has lived here for most of her life.  She had the opportunity to live in Boston for two years while her husband finished dental school.  It was way too cold up there, in the winter, so she was eager to get back to Texas. While in Boston though, she was fortunate enough to be able to attend several Boston Red Sox games. She still loves the team even when they are in last place!  You will often see her in Red Sox clothing in the fall.  She lives with her husband Derrek, son William, their 4-year-old dog, Yasha and a couple of outdoor cats. Her favorite things to do, not related to school, are traveling and reading a variety of books. Mrs. White discovered that you can learn so much about other cultures and customs through both of these endeavors.