Bluebonnet Reading Program

23-24 Bluebonnet Master List


Barton Hills Library participates in the Texas Library Association (TLA) Bluebonnet Award Reading Program 


About the Bluebonnet Award Reading Program: "The Texas Bluebonnet Award is one of the most prestigious children’s choice literary awards in the United States. It is a unique program that encourages reading for pleasure for students in grades 3 - 6. Each year, 20 books are chosen for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List. Schools and libraries around the state participate in the program, encouraging students to read a minimum of five books from the list. In January, students vote for their favorite title. The author of the book receiving the most votes wins the Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) which is presented at the Texas Bluebonnet Award presentation held during the TLA Annual Conference in the spring." 


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Bluebonnet PartyAbout our Barton Hills Bluebonnet Program: Students may read the Bluebonnet books in any format and from any source or location!  Our school library, a friend, MackinVIA, Overdrive, EPIC!, Libby, your classroom teacher, Learning Ally, Half Priced Books, Barnes and Nobles, Audible, Amazon, the Austin Public Library – anywhere! Students can listen to a book being read to them, read a book out loud, or partner with someone to read it together.  All of these methods of reading DO count as part of our unique Bluebonnet Award program at Barton Hills. 


Barton Hills Celebrates Readers and Bluebonnet Books: Our Bluebonnet Award participant celebration for Barton Hills is traditionally held on the last day of official voting for the award nominees.  This year, over 75 students chose to participate in our optional Bluebonnet project which recorded the 5 required Bluebonnet books each student read.  With that many students choosing to participate in a Read-for-Fun program on their own time after school, a celebration is certainly in order!